Common Types Of Bras

Choosing a shock absorber bra is just the first step to achieving a more a satisfying work out. Next you must decide what type of bra you wish to use. There are five different types and each one is made with different materials and used for different purposes. All of them have been designed by a team of experts who spend their time designing something that is comfortable and practical for every women.


The coolmax is made with fiber construction that allows the woman to stay cool and dry at all times. The fabric is able to keep the sweat off the body and absorbs it onto the exterior layer of the fabric. After being absorbed it does not take long for the sweat to evaporate into the air keeping the bra dry and lightweight at all times.


This is one of their high performance bras that uses fabric made with pure silver. Silver is a natural antimicrobial that is used to keep odor producing bacteria and fungi from growing inside of the bra. This is designed with a fiber system that applies thermodynamics to keep you cool during the summer but warm during the winter. This has the ability to last much longer than the standard bra.


This bra is designed with a super fine, high tech, multiple filament. It is a close to 30% softer than nylon yarn and has been made with air jet texturing. This helps to keep you dry at all times and to keep odor at bay. The fabric keeps the bra lightweight, helps it dry fast, and makes it easy to keep clean.


The lycra bra is designed with a special stretch and recovery fabric. This allows any woman of any size or shape to wear it comfortably and to change with her body. It has shape retention, drape, and crease recovery and will fit around aerodynamically around the woman.

Meryl Actisystem

This bra was designed for women who are athletic or enjoying a fun activity. This improved natural balance and comfort for the body. The fabric will keep sweat off the body and allow the woman to keep at what she is doing for long periods of time. It is a lightweight bra and has elasticity features that allow her to move easily no matter what she is doing. This bra is more commonly used for women in extreme sports because of how durable and strong it is.