How It Functions

We have already touched on the many benefits that the shock absorber bra can bring to a woman’s work out or when she is playing sports. Now it is time to understand exactly how the bra works and what separates it from all other types of sport bras.

Every shock absorber bra is made with two layers on the inside. Each of these layers are made with a special type of mesh material that helps to protect, support, and allow the breasts to breathe with little to no sweat on them.

The bra also helps to keep the breasts close to the body instead of bouncing all over the place. Not only does this decrease the amount of pain the woman has to endure – but it also reduces the chance of injury that might occur. Despite how form fitting the bra is, it does not dig itself deep into the skin or leave behind marks in the skin.

This bra was created at SASI or the shock absorber sports institute. It is here that a team of scientific and technological research, intelligence, and sports bra design was blended and worked together to create something that woman all over could use. Every day they work to improve upon what they originally started with and to keep moving forward.

All of the materials that are used for the various types of bras that they create enhance the comfort and protection that a woman needs. Each one is lightweight to make it easy for them to maneuver and to never restrict their movements.

They are also designed to absorb and evaporate any sweat on the upper portion of the body. This helps to keep your temperature from rising and to keep you dry at all times. Without sweat getting in your way you will be able to run long distances and play sports longer.