Shock Absorber Swimsuit

The shock absorber bra has become a worldwide phenomenon and is used by professional athletes and average women are need a better way to support and protect themselves while working out. They have discovered the many advantages that this bra has to offer and have spent the $40 to $50 on one or more of these bras.

The team of designers and researchers spend their time creating better versions of this bra. They have already created high performance bras used for women who compete in extreme sports or for women who simply want to exercise. Now they have created a set of shock absorber swimsuits to make swimming easier for them.

They understand that a woman needs to be supported no matter what she might be doing and this includes when she is in the water. Many physicians will say that swimming is one of the hardest exercises that will help you to tone your body and shed some weight quicker than most other forms of exercise.

The company that brought you a high performance sports bra has now designed a set of bathing suits with the integrated sports bra technology. They offer a full swimsuit, tankini, and bikini for around $30 to $40.

Each of these swimsuits are designed with color fast fabric that is resistant to chlorine. The inside and outside of the fabric is able to dry quickly – which helps to keep it from weighing down on your body while swimming. The straps on the back and shoulders can be easily adjusted and the friction free and fast lock stitching helps to make it more durable.